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taxes you can take until you topple the entire economy. this is the challenge that this week will have. this week republicans will have a budget that balances in ten years. the democrats' budget never balances. no household can run that way. >> let me challenge you on this point because here is paul ryan this week, and he laid out very clearly what he thought the job was. let me play that. >> we think we owe the country a balanced budget. we think we owe the country solutions to big problems that are plaguing our nation -- a debt crisis on the horizon, a slow-growing economy, people trapped in poverty. we're showing our answers. >> right, but the answers rely on $700 billion in savings from interest. most of the deficit reduction comes from repealing the president's health care reform, which nobody thinks is going to happen. so how seriously should this be viewed as a roadmap for a balanced budget? >> it should be very serious, because budgets -- >> you're not going to repeal obama care. >> budgets are blue prints and priorities. we lay out. we think obama care should be repealed. the
. >>> 4:40 right now. record-breaking end to the idit iditarod overnight. we have the details. >>> tax trouble for h & r block. how it messed up hundreds of thousands of tax returns. >>> just a day after it was revealed the first lady was hacked, the president sits down to deal with cyber security. >>> welcome back, everyone. good wednesday morning to you. look at a little cloud cover over there, san francisco this morning. going to make way for a pretty nice day. great temperatures coming up. we'll check the forecast with christina in a bit. it is 4:44. computer disk drive sege at the former solyndra plant, seagate bought the building for $90 million after solyndra went bankrupt t will open in about a year and house 600 workers. >>> on capitol hill, president obama meeting with some of -- talking about cyber security. talking about how the government and private security industries can now work together to prevent hacking attacks. the white house said hacking from chien wra into u.s. corporations definitely needs to be addressed. this one is a problem hitting very close to home for th
return for free. it's free to prepare, print, e-file and you can even chat with a tax expert. get the federal free edition at people have chosen it again and again for over eight years. its key ingredients are also found in every day food like avocados, broccoli and bananas. it contains about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. zero sugar. four calories. 5-hour energy is like... coffee with vitamins and nutrients. simple. put them together and it's a great combination. try a sip... then decide. ♪ >>> time for guys tell all, where the guys answer your burning questions on romance and relationships. first up, the steamy sexy, he's maricio. he's been married 17 years with four daughters. and next is comedian and actor rick younger who is married with a son. and we've got bob ginny. he's divorced and he's the host of "showdown." >> that's why we know bob? >> and last but not least is the single "cosmo" bachelor of the year, ryan shingelo. >> and sara haines is across the street at the nbc experience store. what kind of questions do you have? >> fir
are on the table from consolidations to furlough days and asking the community to support a tax. since the beginning of the recession allen rock avoided some of the more painful cuts other districts went through. while the math is tough for grown ups the lesson is harder for the kids. >> i don't know how to explain to him you have to go to school because of no funding. gl i don't feel like leaving. i like this school. >> that was kris sanchez reporting. >>> he once wrote laws and policies for santa clara county. today the former president of the board of supervisors is on the wrong side of the law. george shirakawa pled guilty to 12 charges including felony regarding public money he reportedly used to feed a gambling addiction. what was his reaction today? >> reporter: given the d.a. said there was a dark cloud over santa clara county shirakawa didn't speak. fierce fighter for the poor and under privileged told the judge he broke the law. 12 times the judge asked former supervisor george shirakawa how he pled and 12 times shirakawa responded guilty. >> it's a very sad day when a super
and type in conclave. >>> back to local news. a group of san jose property owners are choosing to tax themselves. and they've been doing it for years. >> their goal is simple. to make san jose look much better. if they don't they fear no one will in this age of budget cuts. we're joined for tonight's bay area proud. focusing on what's important in our community. >> to understand what's working here, you don't have to go back far to when it wasn't working. in 2008 services were being slashed. but at that bad time was the perfect time. some san jose business people stepped up and offered to help. the city is glad they did. it's a partnership that's working and is tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: success in a big city like san jose is often measured by what you have more of. this success story, though, is about what the city has less of these days. less trash in the street. less gum on the sidewalk. less graffiti on the wall. >> the streets are beautiful. >> reporter: chuck hammer is not only grateful for the improvement, he is in large part responsible. hammer owns the pizza my he
significant cuts to entitlements, something democrats oppose, and democrats want new tax revenue, a deal breaker for republicans. republican leader mitch mcconnell put responsibility back on the president. >> his job is to deliver the members of his party. >> reporter: for now lawmakers appear no closer to a deal but they are more optimistic about the possibility of compromise. today president obama is taking a break from budget talks and traveling to illinois. he'll be focusing on another of his big priorities, alternative energy. richard? >> putting those walking shoes on the side after a very busy couple of days for the president. thank you, danielle. >>> a fiery exchange between dianne feinstein and texas's senator, ted cruz. during a senate judiciary committee on banning assault-style weapons, cruz who opposes any weapons ban, questioned the constitutionality of the bill. a sharp clash resulted between feinstein and the tea party freshman. >> namely, would she consider it constitutional for congress to specify that the first amendment shall apply only to the following books and shal
. >>> and your tax return may have hit a snag. the glitch that may have a delay in you getting your money. >>> it might sweetest sounding protest ever. why it may be a while before you hear from some of the most accomplished musicians. >>> temperatures near record setting. 80 north napa. we will have details on if it will stick around for tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>> the chp says a witness to the deadly hit-and-run played a role in coaxing the driver to return. the young driver hit and killed a bicyclest. investigators say the victim was a 59-year-old santa clara man. the chp says the driver returned after she was followed by a witness. she is being held as investigators determine what charges she might face. this is the second fata
. they have the 27 votes they need to raise taxes, override vetoes without republican cooperation. >> many are from districts that are very up in the air. democrats don't want to go too far out on a limb and neither do the republicans. >> democrats will keep their narrow supermajority in the assembly. there are several special elections on the horizon. >>> a bay area campus known for a long history of political activism is back at it tonight. a group of u.c. berkeley skunts wants to have a bigger say in how the city operates. joe rosato, jr. shows us why the city says not so fast. >> reporter: a bustling day on the u.c. berkeley campus. the students is like a city within a city. a group of calstudents thinks it should have a say in city politics. >> we contribute every day to vendors in the city. we contribute by volunteering. >> reporter: as berkeley looks to redraw the council district students are proposing the city include calin a student district. that would include a spot for a student representative on the berkeley city council. >> we think it is time. we change that to get the 25%
federal return for free. it's free to prepare, print, e-file and you can even chat with a tax expert. get the federal free edition at people have chosen it again and again for over eight years. its key ingredients are also found in every day food like avocados, broccoli and bananas. it contains about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. zero sugar. four calories. 5-hour energy is like... coffee with vitamins and nutrients. simple. put them together and it's a great combination. try a sip... then decide. ♪ ticktock on the clock but the party don't stop ♪ >>> all right, time for today's "quick fix." it always happens when your makeup starts to run. >>> here with quick fixes is "marie claire" fashion editor marie roberts. >> you two look gorgeous, by the way. >> thank you. >> help us out when the hem falls, what should we do? >> very easy thing, most people have in their house is masking tape or duct tape. i prefer to use a double-sided tape, top stick, pure style works because it actually goes with the fabric. pop it behind, pull this off, roll it over
in the payroll savings tax but the fact that you are seeing people more delayed in terms getting their tax returns. also a report on business vintories as well in a few minutes. we'll take it. it's a win, to a new record. the nasdaq will start the day at 4232 after falling ten points. watch boeing with the news that the faa will let it test out a new battery system maybe that looks to open at a new high this morni morning. >> bertha, thank you much. >>> google says it will offer its famous google glass in prescription form as well. though not right away. when i said google glass, which is the actual name of the product, most people call them google glasses. apple has the same problem with the ipod touch. many people insisted on calling it the i touch. they will sell it to you no matter what you call it. >> google glass not glasses. >> yes, which you wear on your glasses. >> very thick for me. >> got it. >> thank you very much. >> i prefer a mcgonigle myself. christina, what's happening outside? >> i think it looks better on you than on mr. peanut. you might want to get that transition momo
to tax themselves, saving the city millions. his winning argument that made the bay area proud. >>> plus, after a beautiful weekend across the bay area, there is rain in the forecast. meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the system. find out if it's going to affect your commute. >>> secrets of the bay area were revealed this weekend when historic artifacts from the infamous escape from alcatraz and the presidio were made available. >> the national park services opened its archives to the public. joe rosado takes us inside centuries of history. >> reporter: some of the bay area's national parkland date back over 200 years. but as we all know, history isn't just measured in time. it's measured in stuff. >> we have millions, literally millions of pieces of historic documents. many of those came from the army. >> reporter: a former cavalry stable in san francisco's presidio is now home to the national park service's archives for the gelden gate national recreation area. it's a smorgasbord of more than six million items dating back to the bay area's military history, which have here ranging from
resolutions. among them, waiving the city's hotel tax for nfl employees and the teams. suspending ticket surcharges and droped adding parking fees. the concessions add up to millions. it's more than worth it because it will be offset by the income and the publicity. >> the way that we're doing the superer bowl is a great regional effort. we'll be able to highlight everything from the golden gate to silicon valley. >> santa clara city council will hold a special meeting. >>> with little to no rain so far this year, any rain would be big news. >> yes, tonight, a storm is moving in. take a look. on your left, a live look from the south bay. clouds hanging over east san jose. on the right, the bay bridge toll plaza. the roads still dry at this hour, but tomorrow will be a different story. chief meet i don't goologiteo m this story. >> we're tracking a lot of moisture and showing up as rainfall on the radar. we know no reporting sites have tipped over anything more than one hundredth of an inch. expect a few areas of drizzle and also mist. that is pretty much it here for at least the next thr
a tax hike, that drove us far into the red. but other numbers are more horrifying, roughly 800 americans lost limbs, many tens of thousands of more are fighting ptsd, dealing with traumatic brain injury, and the iraqis are still suffering. the wave of bombings in iraq marked the tenth anniversary. dozens died. this was last week, a bloody reminder of the human cost since march 19, 2003, when the first u.s. bombs fell. in the wake of 9/11, president bush and secretary of state colin powell made the case that saddam hussein was set to use weapons of mass destruction. the u.s. invasion was easy, but the mission was not accomplished by that may, even though some insist today u.s. forces did succeed. war planner douglas fife. >> saddam was in fact an extremely dangerous guy. >> martin dempsey. >> today we have in iraq a partner, not an adversary. >> reporter: but 2003 to 2008 was a nightmare of roadside bombs and civil war. a hard lesson. >> we went into iraq without a real plan for how to stabilize the place afterwards. >> reporter: 100,000 iraqis died. nearly 4500 americans lost their lives
. how a group of business owners decided to tax themselves to help keep san jose beautiful. the story is today's "bay area proud." mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ >>> a group of san jose property owners is choosing to tax themselves and they've been doing it for years. their goal is simple. to make san jose look much better. if they don't, they say no one will in this age of budget cuts. here's the story that will make you "bay area proud." >> reporter: success in a big city is often measured by what you have more of. this success story, though, is about what the city boasts less of these days. less trash in the streets. less gum on the sidewalks. less graffiti on the wall. >> my stree
trail that exposes dysfunction and hundreds of tax dollars. >> a series of breakdowns by the city, the faa and the san jose airport, the city manages the airport, federal rules prevent it from cashing in on the airport's success. it's a snapshot of your government at work. or maybe not at work. >> welcome to san jose international airport. >> it's an airport funded by your airfare. your travel dollars, and it's this draft audit, raising questions about where your money went. it's written by the federal aviation administration. it's critical of the city of san jose, and it's funded by your tax dollars. >> what they found was, there were violations of the law. >> gabe bruno is the executive director of the faa whistle blower alliance, and a former high ranking executive in the faa. the draft audit accuses the city of san jose of improperly using airport profits in three different areas. >> one of the red flags that that raises with me is why nobody's really asking questions about this. >> specifically, the audit accuses the city of san jose of unlawfully diverting millions of dollar
to hide, we're not afraid of answering tough questions. >>> and are your tax dollars being wasted? our investigative unit follows the money right to the san jose airport. >>> and after record-setting heat in the past 24 hours, temperatures are dropping, widespread 60s here across most of the bay area, we'll have more on that and when much-needed rain returns coming up in the forecast. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ >>> tonight, the nbc bay area investigative unit is digging into government waste and taxpayers' money. the faa issued a highly critical audit back in 2010, accusing the city of san jose of illegally diverting funds from the san jose airport. now, three years later, no actio
tax for employees and teams. and two ticket surcharges on the super bowl and dropping added parking fees. this will cost santa clara at least $6 million. >> this is a really great effort. we'll be able to highlight everything from the golden gate to silicon valley. and right in the epicenter of it, during the game and before and after the game, will be santa clara. >> reporter: tonight, the city council will hold a special meeting to vote on the resolutions. the mayor says he is confident the council will be supportive. the bidding process is between santa clara and miami. the league will make its final announcement on may 22nd. live in santa clara. >> exciting stuff. >>> it's also a big day for the st. mary's men's basketball team. the gaels, battling for a spot in that big dance during a play-in game. that takes place in dayton, ohio. the gaels taking on middle tennessee at 6:10 our time. the winner, getting an 11th seed in the midwest region. you are all fired up. >> i am. don't bother me at 6:10 tonight. there you go. maybe i'll tweet a little bit. >>> coming up, first, a walkou
markets were spooked busy bruise planning to tax investors. >>> "wall street journal" says fbi investigation over possible bribery of chinese officials is unfounded. officials say despite the paper's finding the federal case is open. the bribery allegations are tied to a larger phone hacking scandal that's plagued rupert murdoch which includes dow jones. >>> lululemon toppled after news of a shortage of their yoga pants. a shipment of their trademark fabric made the pants overly sheer. >>> new research finds 57% of u.s. workers have less than $25,000 saved for retirement. five years ago only 49% admitted having so little saved. >> so much for those likes. a new study by coca-cola shows it has no measurable impact on short term sales. >>> click away while you can. "the washington post" is set to start charging for additional content this summer. >> when is a station wagon super cool? when it's a corvette. there's an aerowagon concept returning the 2014 stingray into a hatch back. >>> americans by the millions are filling out their ncaa basketball brackets. and just so you can so
that cost. that includes a 9.5% hotel tax for the teams and other employees. the mayor of santa clara says that revenue could be made up for in other ways. >> because the super bowl is an extraordinary event, we're trying to make ourselves competitive in the bid. we want to ensure we put our best foot forward. we have a great partner with the super bowl committee. they will make up all the costs, actual costs, so it won't cost santa clara anything. >> now, in addition to waving that hotel tax for nfl, city leaders are reportedly willing to waive ticket surcharges for the super bowl amounting to about $6 million arnold also give up $4.54 per space parking fee, all in an effort to sweeten the deal and convince nfl to bring the super bowl here to santa clara in 2016. the city council is expected to vote on a final proposal tonight at 6:30. again, an ultimate decision is expected on friday. live in santa clara, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >>> in fremont now police are looking for the suspect who stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of copper wire. investigators say the suspect broke
&r block saying about 600,000 tax refunds will be delayed due to a form change the company learned about after filing hundreds of thousands of returns. >>> and do you remember this video of a 62-year-old woman -- man, rather, shooing a shark away from australia beachgoers back in january? well, it turns out he and his wife were on sick leave for stress. the couple worked at the same charity in wales, and their bosses saw the viral video, and they're both now -- they've both been fired. >>> now to other stories that caught our eye. in sarasota while catholics are waiting for smoke, one church decided to release their own pink plumes. priests and other churchgoers watched pink smoke rise to symbolize their hopes that the newly elective pope will be supportive of gender equality within the church. >>> one washington state mother will not be sporting mom of the year gear any time soon. the 24-year-old was filmed letting her 22-month-old son smoke from a bong. the boy's father was later arrested as officials found as many as 40 marijuana plants and several guns within that home. >>> detective
of bankruptcy. investors worldwide are worried if passed, the 10% tax could set a precedent for future eurozone bailouts. >>> a new report points to china's rapidly growing budget to develop modern warfare equipment. for the first time a new tally finds china has become the world's fifth largest arms exporter, knocking britain out of the top five. the u.s. is number one followed by russia, germany and france. >>> elsewhere, at&t starts selling the all new make-or-break blackberry smartphone. yoga athletic line, lulu lemon weighs in on thursday. tiffany & company weighs in friday, the luxury jewelry has sparkled recently despite missing earnings estimates three quarters in a row. >>> another fire on deck, darden restaurants. that company missed last quarter's estimates. investors are still hungry for the red lobster and olive garden parent. >>> a rise in sharing as coworkers watch college basketball's march madness games. more on who's headed to the big dance coming up in sports. >>> just ahead, texas has one less bridge to worry about. and a $24,000 hoax with the girl scouts as the main target.
that will meet the nfl financial commands to win the 2016 event. among them, waiving a city hotel tax for employees and teams. and two ticket surcharges on the super bowl and dropping added parking fees. the concessions add up to millions. but officials say the costs will be more than offset by the income and the publicity generated by such a big game. >> that would be quite the bash. >>> in other news, the hacker who stole personal information from new york mayor michael bloomberg and news star, diane sawyer, getting time behind bars. and the question remains, will wall street react to all the news from greece. for that, we go live to cnbc headquarters. >> good morning. thank you for that. stock futures are pointing to a higher open on tuesday. the dow and s&p 500 are trying to avoid the first three-day losing streak of the year. concerns about european instability, which weighed on markets monday, don't appear to be consuming interest today. we'll have to watch out for that. and here's another story that we are watching. a computer hacker that broke into about 120,000 apple ipads an
establish statewide standards and fees for how medical marijuana is grown, transported, sold and taxed, similar to how the abc regulates the state's bars and liquor stores. >>> it is 4:37. two months after he beat lymphoma, a 6-year-old san jose boy is now fighting for his life again. eduardo grijalva. not too many people of hispanic descent are in the current database, so finding a match will be extremely challenging. his classmates are now spreading the word and his family hopes his story will inspire others to answer the call. >> i really hope that we can find it and we can save eduardo and we can do whatever we can do. >> bone marrow drive for eduardo will happen at river glen school next friday. it will start at 2:30 in the afternoon. it doesn't involve any needles, just a swab of your cheek and you'll be in the donor registry. it would be remarkable if they could find a match. >> just a little warrior. wish him well. >> he deserves it. >>> 4:38 right now. let's check back in and see about those rain drop s falling on our head. >>> enough to make for a rather rough ride to work. w
in new taxes. earlier this week, house republicans showed off their budget which includes more than $4 trillion in spending cuts. the president is expected to unveil his budget plans in april. >> samsung getting ready to fire a direct shot at the new galaxy s4. bertha coombs who i believe is a con na sewer of the electronics. good morning. >> i think now i have two cell phones, the ipad, mac. i use a pc here. i am all over every platform. it is march madness when it comes to the markets. the futures are higher. positive data on retail says. the dow extending the winning streak to nine days, the longest since november of 1996. the dow rising five points. that 14455 ending is another record high, the seventh straight. the nasdaq joined along adding 2 to 3245. samsung firing across the bow directly at apple with a brand new smart foun. set to unveil the galaxy s4. the first major launch. the galaxy s4 giving it a head start against the apple iphone. the s4 has a five-inch screen, making it bigger with a quad core processor and here is the thing everybody is watching for. it is rumored to
by $2 trillion through tax hikes and spending cuts. gop leaders say the plan will raise taxes without balancing the budget. >> we believe we owe the american people a balanced budget. >> reporter: republican paul ryan's budget released tuesday balances the budget in ten years. highlights include repeal of the health care law, an overhaul of ped care making it a private insurance plan funded by vouchers and unspecified reforms of the tax code with a goal of creating two brackets -- 10 and 25%. >> to inflate the claims of deficit reduction. >> reporter: hours after the president meets with house republicans he will speak at a dinner for organizing for action, the retooled version of his campaign in a move that's rankling some republicans saying it runs counter to his outreach. despite the rhetoric, lawmakers haven't ruled out the possibility of a grand bargain for deficit reduction. that seems like tough sled eing given how sharply divided both sides remain. matt? >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you very much. >>> we have an important health alert this morning tied to the co
for a tax credit system to push the trucking industry to adopt natural gas as a fuel instead of diesel, and create what he is calling the national energy trust spending $2 billion in ten years on alternative energy raised from oil companies. now, $2 billion is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, certainly not over 20 years. the loan to solyndra was half a billion. the loan to tesla was another rough half billion. >>> do you know where this is? it is the biggest shell gas and oil field in the western united states. you probably call it monterrey county. a new study by usc says hydraulic fracturing of the monterrey shale, that's fracking, could add another 14% to california's gdp and bring in $25 billion in new taxes >>> another day, another record on wall street. at least the dow. s&p 500 darn close. it is going to be volatile today. we will turn to courtney reagan. good morning. >>> good morning to you, scott. futures under a little bit of pressure right now after the markets posted a nice rally on thursday. the dow stretching its winning streak to ten days. it will shoot
in new taxes. earlier this week, house republicans showing off their budget which includes more than $4 trillion in spending cuts, the president expected to unveil his budget plan next month. >>> the head of the tsa is also heading to capitol hilloday to face mounting criticism on a plan to allow passengers to carry small knives onto planes. the rule change would allow passengers to carry blades smaller than 2 1/2 inches. the tsa chief will testify before a house committee hearing at noon. he argues small knives pose little threat and distract agents from the real problem of explosives but critics disagree. alice lost her son in the september 11th terror attacks. mark bingham was on flight 93 bound for san francisco. he stood up to the terrorists and his mother says the change is a slap in the face. >> to completely turn our back on the possibility that a plane could be hijacked using low-tech items, box cutters and knives, to turn our back on that is to condemn ourselves to repeat history. and i don't want that. i don't have any more sons to give out. >> if we focus on something that w
were concerned about the impact of gasoline prices and the increase in the payroll tax for us, but consumers are still spending money. important because that makes up about 70% of america's economic growth. and if you're looking for something new to buy, samsung will be happy to oblige. introducing its new galaxy 4 smartphone this week. the phone features a five-inch screen, a larger battery and a screen you don't have to touch, but just hover your fingers over. samsung is apple's main competition in the smartphone market. >>> well, the markets setting new records almost every day, and the federal reserve meeting next week, what could happen next and what should you do with your money? joining me right now to talk than, randy kroszner is the former federal reserve governor and current professor at the university of chicago booth school of business. and jim mcaughan is ceo of principle global investors with $280 billion in assets under gentlemen, it's good to have you on the program. thank you so much for joining us. >> sure. >> so many stories to talk about. jim, every time th
. >> reporter: it is likely that city council will agree to give up the 9.5% hotel tax for 350 rooms. about $6 million in ticket surcharge revenue, about $25,000 in ticket fees and $4.54 per parking spot. the community group which opposed the stadium says forgoing income doesn't make sense. >> the nfl is a nonprofit corporation that should be paying their own expenses. having a small city as ours take on that burden is fiscally irresponsible. >> reporter: the committee is actively fundraising to back fill concessions the city makes but she says that could be a gamble that does not pay off. >> what happens if it doesn't? the america's cup in san francisco, they were promising to raise this money to pay for the infrastructure. it didn't come true. >> reporter: santa clara city council meeting begins at 6:30 tonight and then the super bowl bid committee presents their bid to the nfl owners on may 22. and the battle is down to santa clara and miami. and it is worth mentioning that miami has refused to give the nfl those concessions. so if santa clara didn't want to it would be a level playing fiel
's shortcomings so it doesn't have to tap into the city's tax income. >>> there may be another billionaire eyeing michael bloomberg's mayoral seat. twitter co-founder, jack dorsey, says he wants to be mayor of new york city one day. dorsey telling 60 minutes he is very serious about moving to the big apple one day and running for mayor. he is known for his mobile payment start-up, square. he is ranked number 392 on the forbes 400 wealthiest american's list. that is pretty high praise. bloomberg, the current mayor is listed as number 10. >> pretty interesting interview. it is 5:15. when it comes to irish whiskey, not just st. patrick's day is good luck tore the whiskey maker. we turn to seema mody. >>> good morning, laura. futures are lower after the eu announced a bailout for cypress. the dow snapping its ten-day winning streak on friday. it looks like we will fall lower on european worries particularly on cypress. we get new information on the national home beuilders association. the dow falling and the nasdaq down 10 points. >>> st. patrick's day revelers are ditching the green beer and reachin
the demands, outlined by the nfl. that includes waiving the city's 9.5% hotel tax for nfl employs and the teams, assuming they stay here. he's agreed to suspend ticket surcharges and drop parking fees. this will cost santa clara at least $6 million. but the mayor says not to worry. the super bowl crowds would offset the loss and then some. >> all of the people spending money in our restaurants. all of the people buying souvenirs. there's lots of activities going on here in santa clara during the super bowl. if you saw what happened down in new orleans, you see potential for it. the south bay, as a whole, will benefit from it. but santa clara will be at the center because we have the stadium. >> the battle bits santa clara against miami. and miami, on the other hand, is not agreeing to all the league's concessions. we'll see how that bodes for santa clara. first, we'll see if the city of santa clara goes along with mayor matthews' plan and the costly resolutions. that vote is scheduled for 6:30 tonight. >> it comes down to tonight. the world baseball classic wraps up at at&t park t
the difference in the city's fundraising short coming so it doesn't have to tap into tax income to pay for the event. >>> as we speak, preparations underway at the vatican ahead of tomorrow ace installation for the newly elected pope. pope francis. we take a look at the vatican. tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of people will be joining that celebration right there at st. peter's square. this is a traditional catholic sacrament for a pope who is showing he is not afraid to break from tradition, correct? >> reporter: you are absolutely right, jon. in the first few days of his papacy, pope francis has really broken from the traditions of his predecessor. he has been very casual in his conversations, greeting people, very much a pope of the people if you will. a lot of people saying that he is really a humanized the papacy. hundreds of thousands as you talked about expected to be a part of the mass tomorrow. among them, dignitaries from around the world. that group landed in italy. today, the vice president meeting with italian leaders, getting a chance to talk with them before tomorrow's
's gdp and bring in 25 billion in taxes. the shale field spans from the south end of the bay through most of central california. a fellow from google was named popular science's one of the most five smartest people on the planet. he is going to be my guest. he runs the online college course udacity. he invented google glass and google street view and the google driverless car. driverless cars routinely running up and down highway 85. a person behind it just in case not actually driving. i asked him about the first tame he let the car take over in traffic. >> it was certainly a moment of hope. i would have called it faith-based driving. we made sure we tested it like crazy. >> this is a fascinating conversation with all kinds of different things because the guy does so many different things. it will run sunday morning after meet the press. >> he seems so animated and likeable. >> he is a stanford professor on top of that. a really great guy. >> very interesting. try to stump him. >> faith-based driving. that's great. keep hope alive on the rhodes. it is 6:17. christina loren telling us we
with some $1 trillion in new tax revenues over the coming decade. >>> now for a check of the market, mary thompson has the latest from cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. stocks are higher this morning following the seventh straight record close, coming after mixed economic news. first time unemployment claims unexpectedly dropping last week, but producer prices rose last month mostly because of the higher gasoline prices which right now are turning lower. >>> samsung announcing its galaxy smartphone today. >>> the first lady is next month's cover woman for "vogue." in an interview she fires back at critics who say she and the president don't socialize enough in washington. instead, she said, quote, our number one priority is making sure our family is whole, and she said she and her husband relieve the pressures of their job by spending time with daughters sasha and malia. it's now 7:17 on the west coast. what i like about this, she picked out her own clothes. usually they give you a stylist. and she's wearing, and forgive me, because i'm a hill billiy texas, reed krak
is expected to vote on a popular new bailout deal today. the deal includes a one-time tax on bank deposits, and it's sparked concerns about the security of savings accounts across europe. natalie, back to you. >> all right, jackie deangelis, thanks. >>> a new battle for new york city mayor michael bloomberg. the health crusader has set his sights on smokers, calling for shops to keep tobacco products out of sights for customers, putting them in drawers and cabinets instead. >>> hillary clinton's newly announced position on gay marriage is fueling speculation she'll run for president in 2016. clinton said monday she supports same-sex marriage because, quote, gay rights are human rights. during the 2008 campaign, she maintained that she supported civil unions but not gay marriage. >>> with a potential government shutdown looming later this month, the white house may have to cancel its annual easter egg roll. kristen welker has more. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. the 135th annual easter egg roll is scheduled for april 1st. on friday, the white house sent out a memo
the situation in cyprus after lawmakers there rejected a controversial bailout proposal that would have taxed regular savings accounts. the concern is that the debt crisis in the eurozone is back on the table and that could weigh on stocks. later today the nation's top money man, fed chairman ben bernanke, he will answer questions on the economy but what investors really want to know if he's going to continue with economic stimulus. natalie? >> jackie deangelis at the new york stock exchange, thank you. >>> a routine stop gave police officers the fright of their lives. officers approached a man sitting in his parked car, said accidentally hit and killed a deer, stowing it in his trunk. the officers asked to see it, and as you saw, when they opened the trunk the young deer jumped out alive, he made a break for it, darted off to freedom in a nearby forest. surprise. still alive. go, little deer, go, go. >> oh my gosh. >> be free. a nightmare about that last night. >> meanwhile we have missed a huge story. >> it's breaking. did you know about this one? >> spring has sprung. >> look at us. >> we
on her face. >> psychologically it was taxing, tiring. >> every friday, she leaves her two kids and 9 to 5 job to hop on a plane, run a marathon and make it back to work monday. along the way, raising $200,000 for pancreatic research. >> we had never had anybody do what julie weiss has done. >> one year, 1300 miles later, her journey is complete. >> pancreatic cancer is my only competitor out there, i intend to beat it. >> julie is not done yet. she's going to keep raising money, wants to run another 52 by 2020. >> natalie, thank you. >>> still ahead, maria shriver at the vatican with the story behind the pope's choice of name. >>> and eye opening documentary about the queen. first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> coming up, nicolas cage live in our studio for the first time in seven years. >>> i'm down here in the control room with the one and only david copperfield. if he's here. can only mean one thing. it's "magic monday." we're back after these messages and your local news. minute maid pure squeezed light has half the... sugar and calories of oj with great taste. i mean, who doesn't
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